Transparency as a Service for a Sustainable World

Imagine knowing the story behind every item in your home. You would know more about the products you buy: who made them, where they come from, what they are made of, their environmental and social impact.

Followit makes it real for your brand and your loyal consumers, in a simple way.

Your transparency solution in minutes.

Followit, the most advanced solution to add transparency to your products.
Carefully designed so that any business can easily create its own traceability network. Interact with any existing blockchain technology in 3 simple steps.

1. Define your Assets

Choose your asset's key attributes, such as name, weight, type. It's simpler than email!

2. Define your Events

Pick the processes that transform your assets: baking, mixing, harvesting, transportation.

3. Publish your API

Publish your API in one click. Your assets will be up and running. No boilerplate code necessary.

One platform, many solutions.

Technology is only one step in your transparency journey, which is why we are developing processes and tools for each vertical so you can deploy your solutions just in a few days.

Real human centered solutions, to transform your business with edge technology.


Propietary ledgers or open-source networks. Immutable, transparent and tamper-proof information.


New techs to build a sustainable world. Deforestation alerts, Carbon & Water Footprint details.

QR Code & Access

Simple and direct ways to interact with providers & clients. Smart Labels, QRCode, Barcode, Sensors.


Access your information via API or use custom tools. Backend & advanced Analytics included.

Helping companies to develop their
transparency roadmap.

Followit is evolving the way transparency services are provided. In this fast-changing, complex world, the era of blank page consulting is over. We are looking 5 years into the future, researching and developing a new approach for rapid innovation. Our experts can join your team and help to develop your transparency strategy. Applying 10x thinking, startup agility and deep technology we can help you to transform your business now.

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Multi Blockchain, from physical products to digital assets

We are applyting geospatial technology, cognitive computing and advance analytics to create a digital twin of every physical asset and get proof of their atributes.
Followit was designed from the ground up to be compatible with a large amount of ledgers: lisk, multichain, corda, etherum, IMB foodtrust and others.

Check out our Lisk POC

Customer Use Cases.

Clients trust Followit to easily build transparency solutions: immutable, tamper-proof, supply chain, traceability, sustainability.

Fitmarket, driving producers to improve their brands.

FitMarket, pioneer healthy food e-commerce offering more transparency regarding ingredients, sustainability and processes. Adding information to its suppliers using a network and a mobile app.

ILabs, revolutionizing the traceability of crops

Ilabs, the edge tech partner for agrifood businesses, trusts in Followit as a core technology in their solutions. From transparency to analytics they are applying this new approach to connect every actor in the supply chain.

Grapeer tells the story of every bottle of wine

Grapeer, developing the safest wines marketplace. Adding technical and commercial information so that the user has an increased experience.

Let’s make a more transparent World!

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